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Torah wrapper



A piece of cloth placed behind the parchment of the Torah scroll and rolled up with it.


The Torah wrapper can be called mappah or mitpachat. In some communities, such as the Sephardic and Romaniote communities, ceremonial textiles for the Torah were often known by the general term “mappah,” which makes it sometimes difficult to know which item is being alluded to, the wrapper, the binder or the mantle.


  • Hebrewמפה
  • GermanTora-Wickel
  • RussianТкань, в которую оборачивают свиток Торы
  • FrenchÉtoffe décorée enveloppant les rouleaux de la Torah
  • Dutchtorawikkel
  • ItalianFascia della Torah
  • CzechPovijan na Tóru (mapa)
  • HungarianTórapólya
  • SpanishManto de la Torá
  • GreekΠερικάλυμμα της Τορά
  • PolishOwijka na Torę
  • Arabicغلاف لفيفة التوراة
  • Yiddishמפּה
  • LadinoEnvoltura de la Torah (mapa)


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