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Torah scroll mantle

(me'il, mappah)


A textile cover, often made of precious fabric and decorated, that protects the Torah scroll when not in use.


In some communities, such as the Sephardic and Romaniote communities, ceremonial textiles for the Torah were often known by the general term “mappah,” which makes it sometimes difficult to know which item is being alluded to, the wrapper, the binder or the mantle.


Creating mantles for Torah scrolls


  • Hebrewמעיל
  • GermanTora-Mantel
  • RussianЧехол для свитка Торы
  • FrenchManteau de Torah
  • DutchToramantel
  • ItalianManto per il rotolo della Torah
  • CzechPláštík na Tóru
  • HungarianTóraköpeny
  • SpanishVestido de la Torá
  • GreekΜανδύας της Τορά
  • PolishSukienka na zwój Tory
  • Arabicغطاء لفيفة مخطوط التوراة
  • Yiddishתּורה מאַנטל
  • LadinoMapa


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