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Torah ark curtain



A curtain hung in front of the Torah Ark, which contains the Torah scrolls in the synagogue.


Restoration of Jewish textiles including Torah ark curtain at the Izmir Jewish Heritage Project.


  • Hebrewפרוכת
  • GermanTora-Vorhang
  • RussianПарохет
  • FrenchRideau de l’arche sainte
  • DutchParochet
  • ItalianTenda per l’Aron HaKodesh
  • CzechSynagogální opona
  • HungarianTóraszekrény függöny
  • SpanishCortina del arca de la Torá
  • GreekΒήλο για την Κιβωτό της Τορά
  • PolishKotara na szafę na zwoje Tory
  • Arabicستارة تابوت التوراة
  • Yiddishפּרוכת
  • LadinoParohet


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