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Bimah cover



A textile used to cover the table on which the Torah is placed during the public reading in the synagogue.


Restoration of synagogue textiles such as bimah covers and Torah ark curtains at the Izmir Heritage Project, Turkey.


  • Hebrewכיסוי לבימה
  • GermanBima-Abdeckung
  • RussianСкатерть для бимы
  • FrenchCouverture de Bima
  • DutchBiemakleed
  • ItalianTessuto per la copertura della bimah
  • CzechPokrývka na bimu
  • HungarianBimaterítő
  • SpanishMantel para bimá
  • GreekΚάλυμμα για το βήμα
  • PolishPrzykrycie na stół na bimie
  • Arabicغطاء طاولة القرّاء
  • Yiddishמפּה
  • LadinoTeshido para kuvrir la bima


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