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Small prayer shawl

(Tallit katan)


A poncho-like garment with a hole for the head and knotted fringes attached to its four corners.


How to tie your own tzitzit.


  • Hebrewטלית קטן
  • GermanKleiner Gebetsschal
  • RussianТалит катан
  • FrenchPetit châle de prière
  • DutchKlein gebedskleed
  • ItalianPiccolo scialle rituale
  • CzechTalit katan
  • HungarianTalit katan
  • SpanishTalit katán
  • GreekΤαλέθ κατάν
  • PolishTalit katan
  • Arabicطليت كطان
  • Yiddishטלית־קטן
  • LadinoTalit katan


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