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Prayer shawl



A special shawl with four knotted fringes in the corners worn during prayer.


The Evolution of the tallit.


  • Hebrewטלית
  • GermanGebetsschal
  • RussianТалит
  • FrenchChâle de prière
  • DutchGebedskleed
  • ItalianScialle di preghiera
  • CzechModlitební šál
  • HungarianImasál
  • SpanishManto de oración
  • GreekΣάλι προσευχής
  • PolishSzal modlitewny
  • Arabicشال الصلاة (طليت)
  • Yiddishטלית
  • Ladinotalet


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