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Mezuzah case and parchment


A parchment scroll with biblical verses that is placed in a case on the doorposts of Jewish houses or public buildings and recalls the Covenant.


In North Africa, the mezuzah parchment is sometimes inserted in a slit in the doorpost which is then covered with a mezuzah cover made of embroidered fabric or embossed metal.


What is a mezuzah and how to hang it.


  • Hebrewבית מזוזה וקלף
  • GermanMesusa-Behältnis und Pergament
  • RussianМезуза: футляр и вложенный в него паргамент
  • FrenchÉtui et parchemin de Mezouza
  • DutchMezoeza
  • ItalianContenitore e pergamena per la mezuzah
  • CzechMezuza
  • HungarianMezuza
  • SpanishReceptáculo y pergamino de mezuzá
  • GreekΘήκη και περγαμηνή της μεζουζά
  • PolishMezuza – futerał i pergamin
  • Arabicعلبة التميمة (مزوزا) ولفيفة ورق
  • Yiddishקעסטל פֿאַר מזוזה און קלף
  • LadinoKashika de mezuza i pergamino


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