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Charity box

(tzedakah box)


Container used to collect funds for charity.


Charity boxes can be portable (such as alms bowls in Central Europe or moneybox) or built in a wall of the synagogue. In Germany, those built-in charity boxes can have the shape of an outstretched hand. In some synagogues (Italy, Comtat Venaissin in France) there can be trunks to collect for five or six different causes: the poor, the sick, dowry of poor girls, the Holy Land, etc.


Chesed, Tzedakah, Tzedek: What’s the difference?


  • Hebrewקופסת צדקה
  • GermanSpendenbüchse
  • RussianКружка для пожертвований
  • FrenchBoîte de tsédaka
  • DutchCollectebus
  • ItalianCassetta per le offerte
  • CzechPokladnička
  • HungarianPersely
  • SpanishCaja de caridad
  • GreekΚουτί εράνου
  • PolishPuszka kwestarska
  • Arabicصندوق الصدقات
  • Yiddishפּושקע
  • LadinoKuti por sedaka


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