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Hat from Tafilalet (Morocco)



A hat worn by Jews in Tafilalet, Morocco


A bright red cotton fabric base with grey-green and yellow silk embroidery. Composed of a rectangle with two edges joined by a seam, entirely decorated with a geometric pattern of small superimposed diamond shapes, the centre of which is highlighted by a grey-green line. Near the edges, there are tiny ornaments: a series of motifs with three elements symbolising hands, which are auspicious elements. The lower part has a border of about two centimetres, half of which is made of red cloth striped with black, and the other half of green brocaded silk. Two polychrome cords are used to secure the object. Worn by the Jews of Tafilalet.


  • Hebrewכובע מתפילאלת (מרוקו)
  • GermanHut aus Tafilalet (Marokko)
  • RussianШляпа из региона Тафилалет (Марокко)
  • FrenchChapeau du Tafilalet (Maroc)
  • DutchHoed uit Tafilet (Marokko)
  • ItalianCappello proveniente da Tefilalet (Marocco)
  • CzechKlobouk z regionu Tafilalt (Maroko)
  • HungarianA Taflilalet-i (Marokkó) zsidók fejfedője
  • SpanishSombrero de Tafilálet (Marruecos)
  • GreekΚαπέλο από το Ταφιλάλετ (Μαρόκο)
  • PolishKapelusz z regionu Tafilalt (Maroko)
  • Arabicقبعة من تافيلالت (المغرب)
  • Yiddishהוט פֿון טאַפֿילאַלעט (מאַראָקאָ)
  • LadinoChapeo de Tafilalet (Maroko)


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