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Hand washing towel


Embroidered towels and napkins for the ritual washing of the hands.


Known as “tsherves” or “antikas” in Ottoman communities, these towels were preserved by families and sometimes handed down as dowry from mother to daughter.


  • Hebrewמגבת לנטילת ידיים
  • GermanHandtücher
  • RussianПолотенце
  • FrenchServiettes pour l’ablution des mains
  • DutchHanddoeken
  • ItalianAsciugamani per il lavaggio delle mani.
  • CzechRučníky
  • HungarianTörölköző
  • SpanishToallas para el lavado de manos
  • GreekΠετσέτες για το πλύσιμο των χεριών
  • PolishRęczniki
  • Arabicمنشفة غسل اليدين
  • Yiddishהאַנטעך פֿאַר נטילת ידיים
  • LadinoTevajas

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