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Aliyot tokens

(Torah reading plaques)


Tokens handed out to the male members of the congregation at the Sabbath morning service to let them  know when they would be called to the Torah. 


  • Hebrewאסימוני עליות
  • GermanAlijot-Tafeln
  • RussianТаблички для вызова к чтению Торы
  • FrenchJetons ou plaquettes pour la montée à la Torah
  • DutchOproeppenningen
  • Italiantarghe per le aliyoth
  • CzechKartičky či žetony pro vyvolání k Tóře
  • HungarianAlija tábla
  • SpanishFichas de aliyot
  • GreekΚέρματα για Αλιγιότ
  • PolishŻetony na alijot
  • Arabicقوائم قراءة التوراة
  • Yiddishעליות־זשעטאָן
  • LadinoFishes de aliyot


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