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Tavla de dulse

(Plate or tray for sweets)


A container of sweets to be presented to the meeting of the bride's and the groom's families.


A specialty of the Ottoman Empire.


  • Hebrewקופסה דה-דולסה
  • GermanSüßigkeitentisch
  • RussianТавла де дульсе
  • FrenchPlateau de douceurs
  • DutchPresenteerblad voor lekkernijen
  • ItalianTavla de dulse
  • CzechTavla de dulse
  • HungarianTavla de dulse
  • SpanishTavla de dulse
  • GreekΤάβλα ντε ντούλσε
  • PolishTavla de dulse
  • Arabicصينية الحلويات
  • Yiddishפּושקע פֿאַר דע־דולסע
  • LadinoTavla de dulse


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