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Passover plate

(seder plate)


A plate for the symbolic foods discussed and displayed at the Passover seder, including for salted water, haroset, egg, etc.


What goes on a seder plate?


  • Hebrewקערת סדר
  • GermanSeder-Teller
  • RussianБлюдо для седера
  • FrenchPlateau du Séder
  • DutchSederschotel
  • ItalianPiatto per il seder
  • CzechSederový talíř
  • HungarianSzédertál
  • SpanishPlato de séder
  • GreekΠιάτο για το Σέντερ
  • PolishTalerz sederowy
  • Arabicطبق ليلة عيد الفصح
  • Yiddishקערה
  • LadinoPlato del Seder


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