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Omer calendar

(Omer counter)


A calendar used to count the forty-nine days between the spring holidays of Passover and Shavuot.


Counting the Omer: The Basics of the Jewish Ritual


  • Hebrewלוח העומר
  • GermanOmer-Kalender
  • RussianКалендарь отсчета омера
  • FrenchCalendrier de l’Omer
  • DutchOmerkalender
  • ItalianCalendario dell’Omer
  • CzechOmerový kalendář
  • HungarianÓmerszámláló
  • SpanishCalendario del Omer
  • GreekΗμερολόγιο για το ομέρ
  • PolishKalendarz omerowy
  • Arabicتقويم “العومر”
  • Yiddishלוח־העומר
  • Ladino


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