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Miriam’s cup


A cup filled with water in honor of the prophetess Myriam and used during the Passover seder meal.


Miriam and the Passover story.


  • Hebrewכוס מרים
  • GermanBecher für Miriam
  • RussianБокал Мирьям
  • FrenchCoupe de Myriam
  • DutchBeker of glas voor Mirjam
  • ItalianCalice di Miriam
  • CzechPohár pro Miriam
  • HungarianMiriam serlege
  • SpanishCopa de Miriam
  • GreekΚύπελλο της Μύριαμ
  • PolishPuchar Miriam
  • Arabicكأس مريم
  • Yiddishמרימס בעכער
  • LadinoLa kupa de Miryam


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